Artist Bio

Gabrielle is a native of beautiful Colorado. Growing up surrounded by the Rocky Mountains has afforded her an appreciation for nature and the beauty found in creation. After living in Colorado throughout her young adult life, Gabrielle moved to Phoenix with her husband. Submerged in the beauty of the desert, she found her inspiration grow in response to the depth of color and layers that form the desert mountains, flowers, and cacti.

Gabrielle’s career in art began after attending a 6-month missions program that emphasized photojournalism. Realizing she wanted to use the medium of photography to convey the beauty she saw in the world, Gabrielle started shooting film photography. She soon found herself gravitating towards landscape and nature photography, where she found freedom in the ability to capture simple items like an agave plant or cactus bloom in a way that illuminates its beauty with a seeming painterly quality.

With a growing desire to convey the qualities of color, stroke, and texture in her images, Gabrielle began exploring with paints, using various mediums. She stumbled upon fluid art and began experimenting with alcohol inks and fluid acrylic paint, which she quickly realized was the medium she wanted to use to express herself. The depth of freedom and creativity she finds in abstract fluid art allows her to literally pour out her soul into her paintings.

Gabrielle strives to represent the untamed beauty of nature in her abstract paintings through the texture, colors, and depth of her pieces, enhanced further by resin. She remains fascinated by the way simple objects in nature become works of art when looked at in the right light and through an open perspective. Her hope is that when people view her paintings and photographs they are drawn in by the interlacing of chaos and simplicity.